Prtscn button

prtscn button

Print screen is a key present on most PC keyboards. It is typically situated in the same section as the break key and scroll lock key. The print screen may share. If you look at your keyboard, you will find a button, probably on the right side of your screen, that says " Print Screen," or "Prnt Scrn," or some. Die Druck-Taste, in der Schweiz die Print-Screen -Taste, ist eine auf den meisten PC-Tastaturen vorhandene Taste. Bei deutschen und österreichischen.

Prtscn button - Video

The "Print Screen" key typically has "Sys Req" written below it. Download a program that expands the use of the "Print Screen" button. How to Make a Title Page in Microsoft Word Around The Home. Scroll lock Num lock Caps lock F-Lock. For Microsoft PowerPoint, you would click a blank slide. In Windows 7 and higher, it is the Snipping Tool. Open a program with which you wish to use your screenshot.


Using the Print Screen button Choose what you want to capture. Make sure you have an image or picture editing software on your computer. How to Use the Print Screen Button. The standard print screen functions described above save the image to the desktop. You can also paste your screenshot into an existing document. This article has multiple issues. prtscn button


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