Jumping jack video game

jumping jack video game

Jumping Jack is quick and bold. With skill his story will unfold Game. Jumping Jack - (YouTube. Originally a scrolling computer game, Jumping Jack eventually became known as Leggit when it was released as an arcade game. Learn more here. The Jumping Jack coin-operated Videogame by Universal (circa ), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists.

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How to win in texas holdem Bradley- Charlotte, NC Read more Monkeys and other enemies cannot use the coverings in any manner. The money bag reward is to the right. Automatic Age PDF: More recent inceptions of Jumping Jack show the main protagonist as a four-legged, green colored alien. Collect the money bag at the top left, then get ready for the bonus spin round.
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jumping jack video game


Arcade Game: Jumping Jack (1984 Universal) Jack is the only playable character. Quite a few copycats, clones and modified versions of Jumping Jack have popped up within the last few years. F2 remember F3 recall F9 controls F11 full screen Pause pause Insert games Monkeys and other enemies cannot use the coverings in any manner. On some levels, natives throw spears, which fly through the air. You can only lose a life if you touch one of your enemies or their weapons. Jack will fall over if he makes contact with any of his enemies.


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